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Experience Asset Weight Loss - Asset EXCEL


Asset EXCEL's powerful combination focuses on balancing the entire inner body system while adding benefits of antioxidant protection and a wide range of other health benefits such as: improving digestion, regulating blood sugars, lowering cholesterol levels and helping to prevent premature aging.

Asset EXCEL's unique blend of African Mango, Raspberry Ketones, and Acai Berry increases the body's fat burning potential while helping to break through your stubborn weight loss barrier. Active ingredients, Green Tea and Apple Cider Vinegar help to increase energy, control hunger and assist the body in maintaining a healthy alkaline pH level.

Q. Is Asset EXCEL is the same as ANA's Envee? -NO

A. Perhaps observing the detail ingredients listing of both products would answer any questions. First, While these two product contain similar ingredients such as: Acia Berry, African Mango, Apple Cider Vinegar and Raspberry Keytones. In addition, Envee's formula contains the following ingredients:
1. Kelp
2. Grapefruit Powder
3. Resveratrol
4. Green Coffee Bean, etc.

Unlike EXCEL, Envee does not contain: Glucomannan or Chromium Picolinate. Therefore, noting that these two products may have similar ingredients, they definately are noted separate formula's altogether and manufactured by two different manufactures.